Helping people with past or current credit difficulties

Will it help me improve my credit rating?

If you have stayed with your lender for a period of time (usually around three years), successfully made your repayments over that time and have no outstanding defaults or CCJs you should have 'repaired' your credit rating. At this point you may be able to remortgage to a standard mortgage deal through your existing lender or a high-street provider.

Some institutions have specific products designed to help customers improve their credit status and reward good payment through a reduction in their annual interest rate and ultimately reverting the borrower to its prevailing variable rate - which is worth looking into.  But overall, remortgaging from an adverse lender is a standard process - providing you are clear of redemption penalties - and is no different from changing your mortgage from any other lender. This time, however, you'll be able to do so with your credit rating intact.

Whatever your circumstances, simply complete our quick no obligation enquiry form and we'll let you know whether we can help.

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